Optional Resident Retention

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program / HCV


Optional Resident Retention Services for Landlords

At the request of many landlords, RHA is offering three optional services to landlords to help maximize the benefits of being a landlord under the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

The three optional services offered by RHA include:


1. Optional Punch List Service

A landlord may request a punch list service appointment for his rental unit prepared by an inspector who is an expert on HQS. This provides the landlord with repair items that need to be addressed prior to the first scheduled inspection and leasing of the unit to a voucher holder. Although this punch list is not a guarantee that the unit will pass the official inspection, there are several benefits to this service:

  • Provides the landlord with a list of repair items.
  • Provides the landlord with the ability to project the cost of unit preparation and order any materials needed.
  • Significantly increases the chances, but does not guarantee, the unit will pass on the first inspection and potentially be eligible for a rental increase.
  • It helps with marketing the unit as only landlords with first-pass units are added to the list of landlords provided to applicants seeking housing.
  • Reduces breaks in rental payments.
  • Assists the landlord in identifying damages beyond normal wear and tear which may have been caused by the tenant.
  • When properly used by the landlord it greatly reduces the chance of a failed first inspection or the possible loss of payment and/or of the tenant.

The Punch List Service (PLS) is available for initial and annual inspection.  The inspection would be scheduled no later than two to three weeks before the first scheduled Annual or Initial inspection, depending on inspector availability.  The PLS would consist of a full review of the unit by an RHA-trained HQS inspector using HUD HQS guidelines to identify items needing repair prior to the first inspection and providing that list of needed repairs to the requester by email within 24 hours of the completion of the service.  It is important to note that this is an optional service and in no way guarantees that the unit will pass the Annual or Initial inspection.  However, this option will provide a list of items seen at the time the punch list is prepared that would cause the unit to fail inspection.

2. Optional Third Inspection

RHA no longer does third inspections under the HAP Program. For units that have failed two inspections, RHA will require the tenant to find another unit. However, the landlord may request a third inspection at their expense. In cases of re-inspection, the regulations require a 30-day period between inspections. The benefits of an optional third inspection are:

  • The tenant is not forced to find another unit or cause an existing participant to vacate the unit.
  • Rather than lose an interested tenant, the landlord can get a third inspection without waiting the 30-day period.

The Property Manager or Owner may request that their unit be scheduled for a third inspection within three (3) business days from the date of the second failed inspection notice and it must be accompanied by payment in full through PayPal.  The Optional Third Inspection (OTI) would be scheduled two to three weeks after the second failed inspection, depending on inspector availability.

For Annual inspections, if the third inspection passes, the HAP payment would be prorated from the date the inspection passes, then continue as normal each subsequent month, provided the tenant and Landlord remain in compliance with the HAP contract and program requirements.  It is also important to note, that this service will not prevent your HAP payment from being abated after the second failed inspection nor will it prevent the tenant from being scheduled for a relocation briefing.  Additionally, the tenant would be required to relocate if the unit failed this third inspection.

3. Optional Additional Inspection

Should the unit not pass the Optional Third Inspection the Landlord may request additional inspections at their expense. Please be aware (see #2) that the regulations require a 30-day period between inspections. When requesting this optional service please select “Additional Inspection” from the drop down below.

Participation in any of these optional services does not guarantee that a unit will pass the HQS inspection at the time it is done. However, it provides the landlord with more information and options regarding HQS inspections. This promotes informed decision-making in the Voucher program. All optional services require a non-refundable fee paid in advance to RHA.

To request an optional service, make your selection from the drop down below. Please provide the following information in the “Landlord & Tenant Information” box: Landlord Name, Landlord Phone Number, Tenant Name, and Unit Address. You will be re-directed to PayPal to pay for the requested service. RHA will contact you with a scheduled date for the service requested upon receipt of notification of your payment. As a reminder, these are optional services provided as a courtesy by RHA and no Landlord is obligated to use them.

A PayPal account is not required to make a debit/credit card payment. Please note that after your payment is made, you will receive a payment confirmation page. We advise you to print this page for your records. If your payment is not accepted, you will receive notification via email. Please ensure that you use a valid email address and check it periodically.


Optional Resident Retention Services
Landlord & Tenant Information:  In the box below, please enter Landlord NameTenant Name, and Unit Address

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