Introducing Raleigh Housing Authority’s New Brand Identity

Say hello to our new logo!


We are thrilled to unveil our new logo and URL, marking an exciting milestone in the ongoing growth of our company’s brand identity. Formed in 1938, Raleigh Housing Authority (RHA) has slowly evolved into a more modern organization, and we felt it was time to refresh our look to reflect this change and show our commitment towards the future.

     is now…          


  • Through a detailed process that encompassed questionnaires and a review of our current strategy, we worked together with Brasco /// to determine what visual direction would resonate best with our audiences.
  • The new logo conveys that our organization is approachable and accessible. The shape of the icon plays into the idea of looking through a window. This concept gives a city feel, yet still provides a sense of community with the closeness of the multi-family homes RHA provides for its residents.
  • Our revised color palette was created with the intention of using calming, inviting colors that are relaxing to the eye.
  • This simple, clean design provides a much-needed update to our visual identity and elevates our brand to tie in with our next phase of client-focused innovations.

Starting this week, you’ll see our new logo across our social media pages, in emails and on printed messages from our organization. Later this year, you’ll also see the launch of a brand-new website with a modern, clean, and updated look. The website will offer an organized layout with features and accessibility adjustments to better assist visitors and provide improved services to our stakeholders: residents, voucher holders, partners, employees, and other members of the public. Website updates will dovetail with RHA’s Strategic Plan Goal that includes an objective to leverage technology to empower our customers to access information.

We’re also getting a new domain name!         will soon be… 


Alongside the new identity, we will soon be transitioning to a new, secure website URL and new email addresses using the .gov domain. Only U.S.-based federal, state, local and other publicly controlled, verified government entities are eligible for .gov domains. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), manages the .gov top-level domain and using this domain is only authorized with approval from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This change will make it more difficult for cybercriminals and malicious organizations to impersonate RHA staff or spoof our emails, adding another layer of security to our operations.

“Switching RHA to a dot gov domain name increases the trust and reliability of our website and emails,” explains Ashley Lommers-Johnson, Raleigh Housing Authority’s CEO. “This new domain gives further assurance to those we communicate with that our website has official, trusted information.”

But don’t worry, our current website URL,, will still get you to our website during the transition. Messages sent to our emails will still arrive in our inboxes. We encourage you to look for our new emails soon and be sure to add the new email addresses to your allow list. Here’s instructions for how to do that:

  • Gmail desktop: Drag the new email to your Primary tab, and if it asks you to apply this to future emails, hit “yes”
  • Gmail app: Check the Spam folder. Select “Report not spam” or click the three dots in the top corner, then move to Primary or change label to “Inbox”
  • Apple Mail app: Check your junk folder, swipe the email left, select “More,” then mark as “not junk” or “Move to Inbox”
  • com: Check your junk folder then select “Mark as not junk”
  • Outlook app: Click the three dots in the top corner to select “Move to Folder” to send to your inbox or click “Not Junk”

The .gov domain was free to obtain, and over time, RHA will phase out all instances of on public-facing materials.

Utilizing available technology and streamlining RHA offerings will increase efficiency, effectiveness and quality customer service while promoting organizational health. Updating our look, offering better ways to communicate, and improving our interactions with the public will benefit those we serve in so many positive ways.

 – Katie Lebrato
Communications Manager – Strategic Engagement

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