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Thank you for entrusting us with your housing needs. We strive to deliver professional and courteous service.


Maintenance, A/C and Work Order Updates

Raleigh Housing Authority is providing updated information to keep residents informed of current COVID-19 precautions and maintenance work.  Residents are encouraged to read the attached memo outlining current altered maintenance protocols and A/C recommendations for summer.  Questions and concerns should be directed to your Property Management office.  Click Here


Make a Payment On-line

Raleigh Housing Authority will offer the option to pay rent online for ALL properties.

By using the Make A Payment link below you will be able to pay directly from your bank account with eCheck(ACH) or using a VISA, MasterCard or Discover credit card.  There is a service fee of $2.95 per ACH transaction and a fee of 3.00% of the payment amount when using VISA, MasterCard or Discover.

For first time users, from the Make A Payment link you will need to click on Create Your Account to establish your online account for rent payment purposes. The Account Number used as part of the account set up will be a unique account number provided by your property manager. Please note, it is not the same as your RHA tenant account number. Once you set up the new account, you will use your e-mail address and password that will be established when you create your account to login into your online rent payment account.
Please note that RHA continues to accept payments in the form of checks and money orders. All forms of payment, including payments made online, incur a $25 fee for non-sufficient funds.

Click here:  Make A Payment

For Questions about Make A Payment Call 866-729-5327 OR visit our Resident Support Center

Online payment disclaimer:
Resident acknowledges the balance shown on Zego (formerly PayLease) is approximate and not guaranteed to be accurate. Failure to pay the total amount due will result in their Landlord adding late fees and taking actions to collect up to including lease termination. The acceptance of moneys by the Landlord does not waive the Residents responsibility to pay timely nor negate lease terminations for failure to pay balance in full.


Public Housing Electronic Newsletter

RHA’s electronic newsletter aims to keep public housing residents connected while providing relevant information.

Click here:  Edition 1 (August 2020) 
Click here:  Edition 2 (December 2020)
Click here:  Edition 3 (February 2021)
Click here:  Edition 4 (May 2021)
Click here:  Edition 5 (October 2021)
Click here:  Edition 6 (February 2022)
Click here:  Edition 7 (May 2022)
Click here:  Edition 8 (August 2022)
Click here:  Edition 9 (November 2022)
Click here:  Edition 10 (March 2023)
Click here:  Edition 11 (July 2023)
Click here:  Edition 12 (December 2023)
Click here: Edition 13 (March 2024)


RHA takes the safety of our residents very seriously. Please click below for important information about fire prevention and safety tips.

Click Here:  Fire Prevention Packet

Maintenance Services

If you have a maintenance need, please call:

  • (919) 508-1390  for Capitol Park, Chavis Heights, and Walnut Terrace residents.
  • (919) 831-6401  for all other public housing residents.

To place a work order, please leave a message stating your name, address, reason for calling and phone number.

Click Here:  Maintenance Service Charge List

RHA Maintenance Educational Videos

RHA maintenance staff has created videos for residents to use as educational tools. These videos show simple fixes to common household items that resident may experience. It is RHA’s hope to empower residents to learn simple maintenance skills to better their rental experience, minimize the need for maintenance repairs, and reduce account charges. Residents are encouraged to watch these videos and use these skills as needed.

RHA Maintenance Circuit Breaker Reset Video (<– Click Here).  Learn how to reset electrical breakers and restore power after a breaker is tripped. Circuit breakers automatically offer protection to the wiring system in your home and are tripped when an overload or malfunction is detected.

RHA Maintenance Clogged Toilets Video (<– Click Here).  Learn how to use a plunger to clear a clogged toilet. Common causes of clogged toilets includes flushing items that are not made to dissolve like feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, cotton balls, and paper towels.

RHA Maintenance Kitchen Sink Steady Drip Video (<– Click Here).  Learn how to turn off kitchen sink valves to stop a steady drip. If your sink is dripping even when the tap is in the off position, notify Maintenance through the work order line and turn off until repairs can be made.

RHA Maintenance How to change a Light Bulb (<– Click Here).  Learn the safe way to change a Light Bulb.

RHA Maintenance How to Stop a Running Toilet–Video #1 (<– Click Here).
RHA Maintenance How to Stop a Running Toilet–Video #2 (<– Click Here).
RHA Maintenance How to Stop a Running Toilet–Video #3 (<– Click Here).
RHA Maintenance How to Stop a Running Toilet–Video #4 (<– Click Here).

RHA Maintenance How to Clean Drip Pans (<– Click Here).

RHA Maintenance How to Clean Grease on a Cook Stove (<– Click Here).

RHA Maintenance How to Clean Refrigerator Gaskets (<– Click Here).

Other Informative Resources

Fats, Oil and Grease video by the City of Raleigh (<– Click Here).

Flushable Wipes Information (<– Click Here).


Click Here:  2023 Flat Rents
Click Here:  Authorization for Release of Information
Click Here:  Childcare Verification Form
Click Here:  Community Service Timesheet
Click Here:  HUD Authorization for Release of Information (9886 Form)
Click Here:  HUD Declaration of Citizenship Status (214 Form)
Click Here:  Information on lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards
Click Here:  Property Managers’ Contact Information
Click Here:  Public Housing Sample Lease
Click Here:  Reasonable Accommodation Form
Click Here:  Resident Feedback or Complaint Form
Click Here:  Transfer Request Form
Click Here:  Zero Income Reporting

For convenience, current residents are able to print the forms listed above.  All forms must be completed in their entirety prior to being submitted to the Management Office.  Residents may still be required to set up appointments to verify the information provided is acceptable.  Submitting forms printed from the webpage does not take the place of resident appointments.


Documents for Review

At this this time, there are no documents available for review.



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