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The Raleigh Housing Authority (RHA) owns and manages the Heritage Park community located in downtown Raleigh. Sitting on 11.61 acres of land, Heritage Park is made up of 122 residential apartments which were built in the 1970s. The buildings at Heritage Park are outdated and costly to maintain. RHA has the opportunity to rebuild this community to better serve low- to moderate-income families with new energy efficient, more spacious and modern apartments.

RHA is looking at different ways to redevelop Heritage Park that will most benefit its residents while making a positive contribution to the citywide need for more affordable housing. Redevelopment planning takes time and careful consideration. RHA is working on a plan that will benefit all who are directly impacted. Construction will not commence anytime soon. Progress reports, news and information will be available here as the Heritage Park redevelopment project moves forward.

RHA will request rezoning for increased density, enabling RHA to build more units on this property. Building more units equals more affordable housing choices for Raleigh residents. RHA may also include mixed use spaces in the overall redevelopment plan. A mixed use community would offer residents a greater range of opportunities within Heritage Park.

RHA is connecting with Heritage Park residents, listening to their valuable feedback and considering all comments while planning this redevelopment. RHA is seeking resident feedback as a cornerstone of the redevelopment plan, and resident insight is encouraged as redevelopment planning takes place. Conversations with residents will continue to ensure residents are involved every step of the way.

Heritage Park residents should continue following all parts of the Lease Agreement. Residents also should not begin planning to move until receiving written notification from RHA.

Have Heritage Park questions and comments? Please submit to Laura McCann:

  1. a) Phone at (919) 508-1304;
  2. b) Mail to 900 Haynes Street,
  3. c) Email at heritageparkinfo@rhaonline.com.

Communications can be submitted anonymously and will be kept confidential.




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