HAP Payment Notification


Please take the time to visit the HMS PAL™ website at www.hmsforweb.com/pal to familiarize yourself with the HAP payment system. Instructions are provided to assist you in accessing your information. Each Landlord will be required to register at HMS PAL™ and set up a user account. After successful registration, you can log in to check your HAP payment status and your payment history, as well as print out individual payment information. You will need an email address to complete the on-line process.

Through HMS PAL™, you are able to view up to an 18-month payment history and current year to date totals. The most current payment data will be available online on the day following a check run process. This includes interim payments that are applicable for new move-ins, lease ups, and payments held for abatements, depending on funding. However, please allow 2 business days for the receipt of your actual payment in your bank account as it takes time for the bank to process your direct-deposits.

You can opt to receive email notifications that a recent payment posted to the web by enabling email notifications. If you would like to receive an email notification, you must select to turn on email notifications after you log in to HMS PAL™ by clicking on “Email Settings” in the left menu. All Landlords, who received a payment the previous day and have turned on email alerts, will receive an email. The email will let you know that your current month’s statement is available online and it will provide you with a link that will bring you to the login page.

If you have questions about how to use HMS PAL ™ please check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) link provided on the HMS PAL™ website. If you forget your username or password; there is a “Forgot Password” link and the login dialogue that will email that information to your email address. If you have technical problems with the HMS PAL™ site, you can email support@hmsforweb.com for assistance. If you have questions about payment dates, payment amounts, etc, you should contact RHA directly.

At RHA, we are always looking for ways to expedite and simplify our functions while providing better service to both our Landlords and clients. By implementing the usage of HMS PAL™, we offer an easier and more convenient method for you to verify Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) information on a monthly basis. For any questions or comments regarding HMS PAL™, please email: support@hmsforweb.com . For your convenience, the HMS PAL™ instructions are available below.



1 – Access your internet and in the “http://” line at the top left corner of the screen type in www.hmsforweb.com/pal .

2 – When the HMS PAL™ log in screen appears, select “Register”. At this point, if you do not have an email address, please visit one of the sites referenced in the enclosed letter or in the HMS instructions on this page to set up your email account. An email account is required for use of this service.

3 – When the “Register” page comes up, complete the form with the information requested. (This is your own personal information and should be something that you can remember. If in doubt of remembering, please take time to write down the information you entered especially the “Username” and “Password” to keep for ease of accessing the service in the coming months.) Select “Submit” when completed.

4 – The program will prompt you that your “Registration was successful!” Then select “Proceed to login page”.

5 – The first time only, your login Username and password automatically populates. (Each time going forward, you will need to enter this information to access your RHA HAP Direct Deposit Voucher statement.) Select “Submit”.

6 – Your current HAP payment should be on the next screen that appears. If the HAP payment amount does not appear or you have any questions about the HAP amount, please contact the Inspections Manager at bwilson@rhaonline.com.


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