Housing Application

Who Can Apply For Housing

Applicants must qualify as a family and/or as an eligible single person.  Annual gross income must be within limits as established by HUD for this area, with adjustments for smaller and larger families.  An eligible family includes but is not limited to a single person who may be elderly, near-elderly, displaced, disabled, or any other single person; or a group of persons residing together as a family that may or may not include children regardless of marital status.  It includes elderly single persons; the remaining member of a tenant family; a displaced person; or a single individual.  An elderly family is one whose head spouse or sole member is at least 62 years of age, and may include unrelated elderly, disabled or handicapped persons living together. Eligible families pay a monthly rent equal to the greater of 30% of their monthly adjusted income or 10% of unadjusted monthly income.  If utilities are not included in the rent, the family receives a rent credit equal to the RHA’s estimate of the cost of utilities.

RHA has implemented preferences for its Housing Programs. If you wish to claim a preference, you may need to provide additional information which is located on the application.

How To Apply For Housing

    1. Complete all sections of the application.  A copy of the application can be found HERE. Be sure to sign and date the application.
    2. Your application will be placed on the waiting list by date and time that the application is received.
    3. Click Here:  Voucher Information You Need to Know
    4. You may mail or bring applications to:


Raleigh Housing Authority
Attn: Housing Application Division
900 Haynes Street
Raleigh, NC 27604

Change of Status forms

Click Here:  S/8 Applicant Change of Status – English

Click Here:  S/8 Applicant Change of Status – Spanish