Eligibility Criteria

Conventional Public Housing

Minimum Eligibility Criteria:

The applicant must meet the below listed minimum eligibility criteria:

  • Individual or family with household income less than 80% of the local area median income.
  • Meet citizenship/eligible immigration status.
  • Provide requested documents such as copies of Social Security cards, birth certificates, photo ID, proof of income, etc.
  • Criminal and credit background reports will be obtained for all adult (18 years and older) household members.  All criminal report data must be in compliance with RHA’s  Admissions and Occupancy policy.
  • Satisfactory history of meeting financial obligations, especially rent and utilities.


Incentive Public Housing

Applicants who meet the criteria listed under conventional public housing, may also be eligible for the four incentive public housing programs.

  • Incentive housing is provided to families who work full time as defined as 35 or more hours per week and have maintained full time employment for at least 24 months prior to admission, or elderly or disabled.
  • Residents have one opportunity to reside in an Incentive Community for up to a ten year cumulative period of time.  This restriction does not apply to the elderly and disabled.
  • Families who are unable to continue to work full time or are not ready to vacate at the end of the ten year time period will be transferred to conventional public housing.
  • Once a tenant vacates or transfers out of an Incentive Community, the tenant terminates their one time opportunity and will no longer be eligible to reside in any of the public housing Incentive Communities.


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