About Us

The State of North Carolina chartered the Raleigh Housing Authority (RHA), in 1938.  The first two developments constructed to replace substandard housing in the City of Raleigh were occupied in 1940 and 1941.  Currently, RHA owns and manages over 1,400 public housing units and administers over 3,915 Section 8 vouchers.  The occupancy rate for public housing is 99+% and the Section 8 Program is 100% utilized.  There is a waiting list for both programs.

RHA has a nine member Board of Commissioners that provides oversight for the Authority.  Under HUD’s report card called the Public Housing Assessment System, RHA is rated as a “High Performer”.  Our most recent score was 97 out of 100.  RHA is active in the following areas:

  • Capital Fund Program
  • Resident Initiatives
  • Housing for Seniors


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