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Welcome to our Raleigh Housing Authority resource page which provides information on resources and programs that may help you and your family achieve your goals. The Agency aims to provide resources that enhances and improves the economic and/or social conditions of every resident. If you have specific questions or would like to request additional resources be added to this page, please contact the Resident Services Coordinator at (919) 508-1202.

Tax Scams and Consumer Alerts


Housing Referral Services / Coordinated Care:



Computer Giveaway: 

Continuing Education:


Credit Report:


Domestic Violence:


Expungement of Criminal Record:

Financial Counseling:


Home Ownership:

Legal Support:

Life Skills:

Mental Health:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline — call 1.800.273.TALK (8255)

Resources for Children:

Resources for Senior Citizens:

Utility Assistance:

Youth Programs:

Additional Resources:


While this page lists resources and services that may help residents, staff does not conduct an in depth review of the programs. Residents should contact the resource provider directly to learn more about each program. RHA cannot guarantee that individuals will qualify to receive these services or that services are compatible with RHA housing programs. In the event that a program or resource requires action from RHA, the Agency reserves the right to determine whether or not to collaborate and may decline resources or programs that operate in a way that would interfere with mandatory or statutory program requirements.







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